Advice Photography

  • Girl bored at NCAA Men's lacrosse puts cups over her ears
  • Pedestrian crossing icon man frozen in ice in winter in Manchester new Hampshire
  • Before and after photo restoration displaying window in Chicago Illinois
  • How to traumatize your children book
  • Footprints and handprints on doormat at Warren Roos Photo studio on South Portland Maine compass rose in background
  • Graffiti at it’s best Danger warning. Holy fuck ouh waring for falling ice and water
  • Graffiti stencil of Tourist you are the terrorist in Barcelona Spain
  • Vanished photo in a still glowing phone book beset with garrett in New Orleans Lousianna
  • Jesus  christ loves you . This guy stood there for years on Market street in san francisco California
  • Graffiti of the ant empire in Barcelona Spain  Vampires too
  • Graffiti stencil of it's not going to stop  in Barcelona Spain . Smoking face too
  • Woman bathroom turned into a men's bathroom at chewonki camp in  Wiscasset maine
  • Commit no nuisance sign on wall in Barbados
  • Confusing Street crossing sign in Port Author Australia
  • Spray paint art for sale in Venice Beach California
  • Face in bathroom
  • Kunsthaus Tacheles Graffiti  in stairwell Art House Tacheles  now  gone
  • Kunsthaus Tacheles eye and heart Graffiti  on a wall  Art House Tacheles  now  gone
  • Graffiti Face on roadway of  Stevenson bride over Purdah creek in winters or Dixon California
  • Memories make the perfect gifts sign in avon north calling  on the outer banks cape hatteras
  • Graffiti in Europe
  • Graffiti fave on trash can in cape hatteras north carolina
  • Close up of pedestrian and pedestrian crossing sign icons
  • Broken lap top screen from dropped laptop

Travel the world with a camera and you’ll be sure to find the world around us has its directives, both subtle and unabashed. See them as humorous blips or towering moments in the zeitgeist. Finding them is one thing but sharing them here is half the fun — enjoy!