Building & Architecture Photography

  • Light sculpted adobe buildings in Arizona one of my favorite photographs
  • Abstract photograph of U-Haul U Hallat dusk on marginal way in Portland maine me
  • Old art deco movie theater palace in Panama City beach Flordia
  • Old abandoned sugar refinery in Maui Hawaii Baldwin AVENUE rusty industrial
  • Los Vagas hotel at night
  • San Francisco Museum of Modern Art SFMOMA SF Moma  Mario Botta  architect skyway
  • Water tower ironwork detail  in Spain or maybe Germany
  • Inside   Sultanahmet The Blue Mosque facing Hagia Sophia chandelier down for celling and only one man praying Istanbul,Turkey
  • Beautiful Circular staircase on a museum Istanbul Turkey
  • Tiny houses for a traveling circus havre mason les iles de la madeleine
  • Tiny unusuall old house in Forks Maine in winter time snow and ice
  • Large Peace sign signs on house in Cape Elizabeth Maine
  • Coveted dome, Domies, student  housing a university of California Davis B&W photo with amazing clouds in the sky. To each their own . À chacun son
  • DSC_0492.jpg
  • Shopping mall skylight ceiling in Berlin Germany
  • house repairs les iles de la madeleine harve aubert
  • old pool abandoned  in Florida slime
  • Building faced red window frames galvinsied new orleans NOLA
  •  Detail of windows around stairwell of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angles California
  • L1010567.jpg
  • Res area panhandle flordia
  • L1010225.jpg
  • L1030746.jpg
  • L1010467 copy.jpg
  • L1000861.jpg

From a colorful marquee to a bloom of rust on an abandoned factory, these building shots point up the spaces we live with and within. View photos of house exteriors and spacious interiors. I provide the creative vision that lends a new way to think about the buildings around us — allow me to do a shoot for you.